Skye King Laskin

San Francisco Bay Area


Employing my VC, High Tech, Entrepreneurial, International Business, Sustainability, and Entertainment Technology background allows me a quite comprehensive picture of how to compliment/create teams with star player(s) ready to change the ways of the world.

Currently utilizing background as a Hyper Sustainable(Triple Bottom Line) Nerd/Techie -maybe not playing in the gaming industry any more, but my eyes are wide open to the coming "gamefication" of our daily lives, Who would not want to live in a video game? I am busy finding the explosive, game-changing talent and connecting them in the right environment to light their fuse. Daily I bring the the future closer to us.

Happily and triumphantly negotiating through the intense & adventure filled world of Talent Acquisition.


Quick Facts

  • Based in San Francisco Bay Area.
  • I primarily recruit Technology talent.
  • I've been recruiting since 2010.
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