Software Engineer

Shelf Inc.


Back-end web development, tackle challenging problems on tight deadlines, know cloud technologies.


We're creating a structured datastore for each e-commerce item (lowest price, promotions, availability) in a time-series format. Currently monitoring 100,000 SKUs but need to scale this immediately (both the data storage and the scraping technology). We need to do it in a way that stores can't block us (we have some ideas and would love to hear what you would do).

Pricing and availability constantly change and we want to be able to predict changes based on historical data. World's second largest grocery retailer is our investor and they're eager to use our tech on their enormous pricing datasets!

This is not a typical 9-5 job. This job comes with huge responsibilities and corresponding rewards!


Must have:

a CS degree or demonstration of understanding of CS fundamentals

at least 5+ years of programming experience

at least 3+ years of web-development experience (preferably in Python/Django)

1+ AWS / cloud experience

Nice to have:

Selenium / Web crawling

Machine Learning

Project / Work Assignments

Software development. Example is build a new feature for the product, write a generic crawler for e-commerce sites, etc.

Typical Week

80% coding

20% interviewing

Career Growth

Opportunities to work together with co-founders, completely own piece of the stack, re-implement/re-architect in-efficient pieces of stack.

You'll be in the first 3-4 hires of the company, so you'll have tremendous opportunity to grow (VP, Chief Architect, CTO) and impact the culture of the company with significant equity.

We're a well funded seed stage startup and some of our investors have deep e-commerce connections, so you'll have very close interactions with our clients/investors.


  • Industry: Technology
  • Location: San Francisco Bay Area
  • Function: Engineering
  • Experience: VP
  • Type: Full-Time


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  • Stock options 0.5-2.5% depending on the cash in salary.
    Unlimited vacations.
    Health + Vision + Dental.
    $5,000 to buy your office setup (laptop, desktop, monitor, headset)

Reporting Structure

This role directly reports to the CEO.

Team Size


Relocation Policy

We'll pay for the relocation (upto $5,000).

Only candidates who will move to Las Vegas will be considered.

Office Type

Currently un-decided. Will start with a co-working space.

Company Summary

Native E-commerce for Fashion

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