Web Developer



Full-stack (database and backend, through to CSS and JavaScript) developer, working on software that solves real problems for real people. Part of a high-pace team, with bi-weekly iterations, and a strong focus on quality development.


Are you a developer who can work across the entire stack, from your database and backend up to the CSS and JavaScript in the browser? Do you want to work with a creative, (debatably) funny, and hard-working team? Do you want to work on software that solves real problems for real people? Do you hate Excel and wish you could purge its demonic existence from an entire industry?

If you:

Are a software development generalist with real-world web development experience (show us something you’ve done!);

Have impressive PHP, JavaScript, or other programming skills (we’re not language snobs);

Have some experience with MVC frameworks (CakePHP is a bonus);

Are an intelligent and awesome person who doesn’t take themselves too seriously;

Have a degree (ideally in a computing related field) or equivalent experience; and

Like cupcakes...

Then we'd love to have you on the TribeHR team! We need someone to help us shake up the boring HR technology industry by building tools that make work happier.

You’ll help us do that by:

Designing, building, testing and deploying features for award-winning web software

Delivering code to customers the first week you’re here

Sharing your ideas: everyone on the team participates in product and architecture design

Iterating quickly and frequently in an Agile environment

Researching and updating our technology stack as new tools become available (we like to find the best tool for the job)


Broad technical skills across back-end development, front-end development, databases, and operations

Depth of technical expertise in one or more of the above areas

Efficiency - Gets the job done

Open to criticism and ideas - doesn’t take self too seriously, doesn’t take things personally, recognises their limitations, not egotistical, not attached to their work

Confidence and aggressiveness without ego or abrasiveness - Confidence In their opinions, willing to debate an idea through

Likeable - Friendly, not mean

Intelligent - Learns quickly

Team player - give good, constructive feedback; puts the success of the team above the individual; asks for an gives help

Analytical skills - is able to see beyond the quick fix to understand the root problem

Communication - Writes readable code, keeps lines open while they’re building: spec, conversations, etc.

Project / Work Assignments

Implementing a new messaging queue to help decouple components of the core application.

Developing a new feature that was designed by the product team, from first line of code through to deployment. e.g. a new way to track recruiting referrals as part of an employee record.

Develop a proof-of-concept prototype to let us market-test a new product or feature. E.g. prototype a new interface for a tool to let managers collect notes during a performance review on a tablet.

Typical Week

65% Product Development

10% Process/Admin (e.g. standups, demo, etc)

15% Product Design (we have a collaborative design and prioritization process)

10% Slack/Self-Driven time.

Career Growth

Promotions are handled by peer recommendation and by self-identified desire. We have bi-weekly one-on-ones and a strong history of promoting from within.

We are a very close-knit shop with lots of opportunity to gain exposure to other areas. E.g. a developer interested in hacking against our lead funnel - awesome. interested in working on our mobile product on the side (we have a dedicated mobile team as well) - awesome. Want to train up as a product manager? great!


  • Industry: Technology
  • Location: Boston
  • Function: Engineering
  • Experience: Associate
  • Type: Full-Time


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  • - agressive option plan
    - health benefits
    - personal technology budget
    - extra vacation

Reporting Structure

We're a very flat organization. This role reports to the Engineering Manager who reports directly to the CEO.

Team Size

Part of an 8-person development team.

Office Type

Open Office
80% of the walls are Whiteboard walls
Every desk can see out two windows
On-site gym
Fully stocked kitchen (w/ beer)
Very casual attire (about 1/3 the team in slippers at any given time)
Lots of food options
Regular team events (drinks, laser quest, lunch-time Dominion)
Video Games

Company Summary

We build sexy tools for boring problems. TribeHR is a pre-IPO, venture-backed company based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and Boston, MA. We have a flexible and casual work environment that places a high value on learning and evolving — we’re moving at an incredible pace and we’re looking for people that are up for the challenge of keeping up. We pay competitively, offer comprehensive health and dental coverage, a discretionary technology budget to all employees, an option plan, and more. We take team lunches and try to keep the pop/beer fridge and snack shelf stocked. We keep up our high pace and rhythm with flexible hours and respect for work-life balance. We work closely with our customers, fold lessons-learned back into our processes continually, and we look for new team members that want to grow and help their peers do the same.

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