Senior Software Engineer

Open Garden


We created a peer-to-peer overlay wireless mesh network that provides Internet access. We need people who wrote high-performance networking code in C.


Open Garden, a mobile software startup in San Francisco is looking to fill positions able to make substantial contributions to the development of our core technology.

We are working on a peer-to-peer overlay wireless mesh network that provides Internet access. Open Garden is agnostic with respect to the underlying data link technology and can currently use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct.

Are you interested in peer-to-peer networking and what it brings for mobile? Let's talk.

We are very small, yet have significant traction with well over a million installs, extensive press coverage, industry deals, etc.



* Minimum 5 years of experience with network programming in C

* Minimum BA in CS or another technical field

* Demonstrated ability to write complex network code: e.g., a high-performance event loop

* Experience in implementing a protocol specification, e.g., an RFC

Additional pluses

* Experience with startup environment

* Contributing or leading protocol development, e.g., co-authorship or lead authorship of IETF drafts or another form of specification

* Experience with peer-to-peer systems

* Experience with mobile development

* Being based in or near San Francisco

* Contributions to open-source projects

* Knowledge of Objective C, Java, or Ruby

Project / Work Assignments

IMPORTANT—make sure you do this.

We will only consider candidates who solve the following small puzzle and supply both the solution and the code that was used to reach it.

It should take the average programmer about 15-20 minutes to do this.

If the candidate is not interested in taking a crack, this job is not a good fit.

Puzzle: The 2010 Census puts populations of 26 largest US metro areas at 18897109, 12828837, 9461105, 6371773, 5965343, 5946800, 5582170, 5564635, 5268860, 4552402, 4335391, 4296250, 4224851, 4192887, 3439809, 3279833, 3095313, 2812896, 2783243, 2710489, 2543482, 2356285, 2226009, 2149127, 2142508, and 2134411.

Can you find a subset of these areas where a total of exactly 100,000,000 people live, assuming the census estimates are exactly right? Provide the answer and code or reasoning used.

Typical Week

This is a coding position.

Career Growth

We are an early-stage startup with $2M in funding and just a few people. If we succeed, you will be a part of this success and will have contributed to something that hundreds of millions of people benefit from daily.

Our CTO has created the congestion control used in BitTorrent, which now carries 10-20% of total Internet traffic. We are aiming for similar impact for mobile broadband.


  • Industry: Technology
  • Location: San Francisco Bay Area
  • Function: Engineering
  • Experience: Associate
  • Type: Full-Time


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  • Salary is flexible and depends on experience and the stock options. Different people have different preferences for more of one or the other.

Reporting Structure

This position reports to the CTO.

Team Size

We are a small early-stage startup.

Office Type

The office is on Treasure Island, in a converted warehouse, with lots of open space.

Free ordered lunch from a highly rated restaurant every workday. We change the food around to keep it interesting.

Ping-pong table. 60-inch TV and Xbox.

Free unlimited easy parking right in front of the office. Bus service a block away.

Flexible work hours as long as you are as productive as you can be.


Turkish coffee.

Shower in the men's room, if that ever matters.

Waterfront with a view a block away.

Company Summary

Open Garden is an early-stage startup in San Francisco working on a peer-to-peer overlay wireless mesh network that provides Internet access. All the advanced networking comes as an easy-to-install Android app.

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