Writing A Great Candidate Profile

What Are These Profiles For

When you submit a candidate for a job on One Fine Hire, employers only see a limited amount of information. We don’t immediately share their full name, resume, or contact information because employers could then directly contact the candidate and bypass the recruiter. We don’t want that to happen and we want the recruiter involved in the recruiting process.


Because we only share a limited amount of information, you need to describe why this candidate is a good fit for the company, role, and submit a brief paragraph about the candidate so the employer develops interest and wants to learn more. In the rest of this article we’ll discuss the elements of the candidate profile and show you what employers see when they receive a candidate from you in our system.

Elements Of The Profile

When you submit a candidate on our system, there are several fields you need to fill out. The basic contact information is pretty straightforward, but the more interesting fields enable you to add more depth to your candidate's story.

Fit For Role

This is the one sentence headline about why your candidate is great. It is the first thing employers will see and you need to make a strong and catchy headline to grab your attention.

Fit For Company

This is a one sentence summary about why your candidate is interested in working for the company. It could be about their past experience in the industry, or they’re desire to tackle a new set of challenges.

Candidate Notes

This is the important one! You’re given a blank space to really make your candidate shine. You can copy / paste information from their LinkedIn profile or bullet points from their resume to really intrigue the employer and make them want to contact the candidate.

What Employers See

You’re probably wondering what happens after you complete the candidate profile and click submit. At that point the candidate is attached to the job and the employer can view their profile and decide the next steps. However, until they decide they to connect with the candidate they can only see a partial profile. The screenshot below shows what employers first see.


As you can see, a strong headline makes the candidate seem very interesting, and the detailed paragraph makes the candidate’s accomplishments really stand out! At this point the employer definitely wants to talk to the candidate. After they click 'Contact', they'll be prompted set up a few potential times to do a quick phone screen with the candidate and you’ll receive a notification and be asked to confirm that appointment with your candidate. Once everything is confirmed the employer has full access to their profile and can see all of their information.


From here, the candidate is brought into the employer’s hiring process and will go on for more interviews. If the employer decides to make an offer they can do that from their job control panel and if the candidate accepts it’ll automatically create an invoice and notify everyone of the decision.

That’s It!

That’s all there is to it! Make sure you focus on finding the best candidates possible for a role and you’ll be earning your recruiter fee in no time!

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-Carl Ehrnrooth

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